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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are experiencing problems placing your online order then please read the information below before phoning us, the answers are all here.

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Do I need paypal?

No Paypal account required, there is an option to pay using any credit debit card.

how do i choose a collection time?

Before you shop please go to the "COLLECTION TIMES" section and choose a time slot, (this could be several days in advance depending on demand) Keep a note of your collection time and day as you will need to put this in the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTION" box at checkout.

That's it, simples.

We are still phoning upto 20 people a day who have not put a collection time in "Special Instruction" box, please help us!

i chose delivery but emails confirmation says collect?

Please don't worry, if you have followed the instruction for delivery then your order will be delivered, the emails are auto generated.


We would prefer it if you didn't but if you do need to add a couple of small items (and not another 4 x £25 boxes) then buy them from the shop and state the original collection time and the words ADD ON in the Special Instruction box

Can i just email an order or phone it in

Sorry no, orders need to be placed through the online shop, customers are waiting patiently and we can not allow queue jumping.

Please only call us if completely necessary as our phones are overheating and they have no virus!

Please don't personal message us on Facebook unless completely necessary as it takes time to go through the many questions per day, most of the answers are here or on the Website



can i collect my order early?

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates, sometimes we are able to get ahead and will announce on Facebook if advance orders are ready to collect, we tend to have all time slots available for collection from midday.

What if i am not self isolating?

We are not offering delivery for those not self isolating, even if you pay £5, this service is only for those who just can't collect, not for those who can't be bothered, If you can't manage then please organise a relative, friend or neighbour to collect for you then this will help to lighten the load.

We have a no contact service where we put your order in the boot of your car so much safer than a supermarket,

can we collect more than one order at a time?

Yes, you can place more than one order in the same collection time slot, please use the same surname  on each order and state the collection time and that they are linked, We are not accepting piggy back orders placed at later date.

how do the deliveries work?

Your order will be shipped as soon as we can or on your chosen day if possible.

Our driver will leave the order on the doorstep or instructed place, we will ring the bell or knock the door and leave. No contact.

what do i do on collection day

On your collection time slot please pull up outside the main doors of our building, toot the horn and we will come to you.

Stay in the car, we will come to you.

Wind down your window a little and tell us the name the order was placed under. We will stay at least 2 metres from you.

We will put the order in the boot of the car for you, please ensure there is room before you come!

other info?

If you put the Nhs free eggs in your basket and you are not Nhs they will crack and drip all over your carpet, yokes will burst and they will taste like wallpaper paste.

If you have chosen delivery but you are able to collect and not self isolating then I do hope our produce does't leave a nasty taste!

We are all in this together.